Kin Hochoi to Peach Springs

The Kin Hochoi East Road paper published in KIVA is provided at the end of this section.

Great Houses are large ancient structures scattered across the American Southwest. Pueblo Bonito is located with many other great houses in Chaco Canyon in northwest New Mexico.


Other great houses outside of the canyon are referred to as outliers. South of the canyon there are numerous great houses and two that are connected by an ancient road are Kin Hochoi and Peach Springs. These sites have been studied in some detail and although they look like just piles of rock we are able to reconstruct the rooms that were once present and the other buildings nearby.

Satellite Image of Kin Hochoi from Google Earth

Archaeologists’ reconstruction of the Kin Hochoi site

The Kin Hochoi to Peach Springs Road is approximately 40 kilometers long and studies show that these two areas were once communities and the road was probably used for trade. But, this is only part of the road. We now know that the road through the Kin Hochoi site and continued tyo the west. We know ancient people passed through here because they left broken pottery all along the road.

The maps below show some of our findings along this road.

The following technical report was published in January 2017 in the journal KIVA.